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Work from home for a living? Do you run a business from your home office? If the answer to either question is ‘yes’, then you’ll need to speak to Quote Generator about home business insurance.

The first thing you will need to insure is your buildings and contents.  While many people think it is enough to take out standard home insurance cover, it only covers part of your risk; you need to consider what other types of home business insurance you will need.  In relation to covering your buildings and contents, you need to declare whether your home will be occupied during the day and whether your home will be used for business or professional use in order for your policy to be appropriate for your specific needs.

With general buildings and contents cover in place, you may also need to cover personal equipment (including office equipment such as PCs, laptops, printers etc.), stock, products and goods in transit; dependent on what your business does, you may need some or all of these covers.

If you don’t have adequate business insurance to work from home, the consequences could be severe should anything happen that may lead to a claim.  For example, if you invite members of the public to your property – or if you go out to visit clients – and something should happen to a member of the public you come into contact with that leads to some form of physical injury, then without public liability insurance, you could be held accountable for injury or illness caused.

Likewise, if you employ any other staff as part of your business (in any capacity), then you will need employers’ liability insurance in order to cover claims against you from employees.

If your home work involves providing advice to clients – any kind of consultancy work, for example – then you should also consider professional indemnity insurance as part of your home business insurance portfolio.  This will cover you against the costs of claims made for negligence, and is a must for many professional advisers to operate.

Being fully covered could save you thousands of pounds in the long run, and it needn’t cost very much to make sure that you are. Getting a quote for your home business insurance through Quote Generator is the quickest and easiest way to ensure you are fully covered for all of your business insurance needs. Get a quote form us today and find out how little it could cost to cover your home business.

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