Professional Indemnity

Quote Generator can provide you with a range of liability insurance quotes online. Professional indemnity insurance sits alongside employers’ liability and public liability insurance in a suite of products to protect your business.

If you provide professional services or advice to clients, then you are open to the possibility of an insurance claim if your client views you to be negligent in your professional duties. Even with the best will in the world, mistakes can be made – one piece of mislaid paperwork, a box not ticked on a form, or a piece of advice that is followed that proves to be costly for a client, can all lead to potential insurance claims. In all instances, the costs of defending claims are covered by your professional indemnity insurance policy.

Many businesses require professional indemnity insurance in order to operate, including professionals such as accountants, solicitors, financial advisors, marketing consultants, HR or IT consultants, mortgage advisors, architects and insurance brokers (to name just a few).

Quote Generator has strong relations with a number of leading insurers, so can provide quotes for professional indemnity insurance that are tailor made for the business that you run. It is not just a case of getting cheap professional indemnity cover; where our policies are concerned, it is quality of cover that counts.

Get a quote for your professional indemnity insurance from Quote Generator, and we will offer you the best value insurance with the widest range of cover possible.

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