The Essential Guide to Motor Trade Insurance


Whether you are an established motor trader who needs to make sure both yourself and your business are protected, or are new to the industry and just setting up, you will need motor trade insurance. You need to consider a number of things when searching for motor trade insurance.

Cost is a major factor for most people, but it isn’t just about purchasing the cheapest policy you can find. There are multiple ways that you can ensure the cost of your insurance stays low as well as keeping overall business costs down too. Making the wrong decision when it comes to motor trade insurance could cost both you and your business dearly in the long run, but get the decision right and you could save a fortune.

Read our handy guide for a host of advice on choosing the right motor trade insurance to suit your needs, at the right price to suit your wallet.

Guide to Motor Trade Insurance

Part 1: It’s All About the Location

Make sure you choose your location very carefully if you are setting up a motor trade business for the first time.

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Part 2: Think Twice Before Jumping In

Many people make quick decisions when it comes to purchasing insurance, swayed by promises of cheap deals they find online.

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Part 3: Get Older, Fast!

You obviously can’t change your age, no matter how much you may want to.

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Part 4: Raise the Alarm

A cheap alarm may seem like a good idea to secure your business premises with, but it may well not be enough to be approved by a reputable insurance company, so could cost you dear in the long run.

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Part 5: Don’t Run the Risk of Underinsuring!

The type of business you carry out will determine the type of motor trade policy you need.

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Part 6: Should I Go for the Cheapest Quote?

Of course it’s ideal if the cheapest quote happens to fit your needs and provide all the coverage you require – but this won’t necessarily be the case.

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Part 7: The Holy Grail: The No Claims Discount

One of the very best ways to save money on your motor trade insurance policy is to build up a no-claims bonus.

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Part 8: Don’t Give Your Contact Details to Just Anyone!

If you look up motor trade insurance online, what do you think you will find? You’ll likely be searching for a quick, simple quote and you’ll find plenty of offers online.

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Part 9: ‘Elf and Safety

One of the most important aspects of the motor trade industry is health and safety – it could affect whether you and your business are given insurance coverage or not.

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Part 10: Curtail the Hours You Drive

The higher the number of people that are insured to drive under your motor trade insurance policy and the more hours they put in, the higher your insurance costs are set to be.

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