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What is accompanied demonstration cover?

Accompanied demonstration cover allows a customer to test drive a vehicle in your possession, as long as somebody named on your motor trade policy is there to accompany them.  In order for somebody to test drive a vehicle – and for this cover to be in effect – they must have a valid driving licence.

Recently, the question has arisen of how this can be verified – as paper licences have been phased out, how do you know that the driver has not clocked up convictions, for example?  Is the card licence enough to prove they have a valid licence?

This is relatively uncharted territory, as the phasing out of paper licences only happened on 8th June last year.  If you wish to cover all bases, you could ask a test driver to bring a copy of the information from the DVLA website alongside their licence, or if you trade a large number of vehicles and wish to allow customers to test drive them, you could consider obtaining agreement from the DVLA to check licences direct with them.

While some private car insurance policies will include an extension for ‘Driving Other Cars’, not all of them do, so it isn’t wise to rely on this, particularly as this extension often only covers cars to the same vehicle cc as the car on their policy, and on a third party only basis.  That is why we highly recommend taking out accompanied demonstration cover as part of your road risks policy; it is inexpensive, and sometimes may even be automatically included, yet can save you a lot of heartache in the event of a test driver having an accident.  And given that you work in the motor trade, we are sure that you have seen many drivers whose skill behind the wheel might lead to an accident of some kind!  Are you willing to take that chance?

Quote Generator can assist you with ensuring that accompanied demonstration cover is added alongside your road risks insurance.  Speak to us when getting your road risks quote online, or advise us when taking out traders combined insurance if you need to add this cover.  We are more than willing to make sure you have all the traders insurance cover that you need.

What is Quote Generator?

Quite simply, it’s a website that allows you to get an online insurance quote in double-quick time! Fill in your details, and we’ll give you the best quotes possible. Simple, quick and easy!

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