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Quote Generator has a specialist team of fleet advisers on-hand to run through a quotation with you. Working with a number of the UK’s leading insurance companies, we have a great range of insurance products for courier fleets and taxi fleets, and can also cover haulage fleets and general motor fleets.

Quote Generator’s fleet insurance covers fleets of all sizes, ranging from cover for 5 vehicles through to several hundred.  We cover mixed fleets (including vans and cars on the same policy, for example).  We can also help you track your vehicles, by offering highly sophisticated and cutting-edge telematics equipment, with software that allows you to track the whereabouts of all of your vehicles in real time, as well as sending notification of accidents directly to you – and your insurance company.

Cut the time and inconvenience of searching for the best fleet insurance to a minimum – simply submit one form to allow us to search the market for you, and we will take care of the rest.

Quote Generator is the new home of online fleet insurance: keeping things simple, saving you time, and helping you maintain insurance for all of your fleet – while saving you money!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does fleet insurance cost?

This can vary massively dependent on the number of vehicles you wish to insure, the type of vehicles you own, and your previous claims experience.  O...

Fleet, Cost,

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What types of fleet do you cover?

Quote Generator has decades of experience in placing motor fleet insurance, allowing us to offer fleets of all sizes.  We particularly specialise in ...


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What is Quote Generator?

Quite simply, it’s a website that allows you to get an online insurance quote in double-quick time! Fill in your details, and we’ll give you the best quotes possible. Simple, quick and easy!

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