Part Time Motor Traders Insurance

If you are involved in the motor trade – even on a part-time basis – then you’ll need insurance to drive the vehicles that you’re working with.  Whether it’s picking up cars from an auction and bringing them back to your home or forecourt, or test driving a car after making a repair to it – or anything else that is connected with your work – then you will need road risks insurance.

Quote Generator is on-hand to help part-time motor traders get instant quotes for road risks insurance.  We are the UK’s best online motor trade insurance quote provider.

How many vehicles do I need to trade to get part time motor trade insurance?

You only need to buy and sell a small number of vehicles each year to require road risks insurance on a part-time basis.  That said, you do need to be actively trading – not buying cars for yourself and family members before selling them on each year, for example.  Some traders see that insuring vehicles in this way might save them money, but often, it’s a false economy, as you are only insured for the trade value of vehicles that you purchase.

Do I need road risks insurance if I only service the odd car here and there?

Yes, chances are that you do.  Part-time motor traders need the same insurance on a road risks basis as full-time traders do.  What would happen if you took a customer’s vehicle for a test drive after making repairs to it, and you had an accident?  Without road risks insurance, you’d be in trouble.  Likewise, you should also consider public liability insurance if you work from home – for example, if a customer visits you to pick up a vehicle and they have an accident while there, they may consider making a claim against you.

How old do I have to be to get motor trade insurance as a part time trader?

While some insurers will consider taking on motor trade insurance for under 25s, Quote Generator recommends that you are at least 25 years old before trying to obtain an insurance quote.  The extra driving experience gained by motor traders over the age of 25 significantly reduces the cost of their motor trade insurance – and many under 25s will find it difficult to get insurance at all, regardless of the promises made by some so-called ‘compare motor trade insurance’ sites.

How do I get part-time motor trade insurance?

Quote Generator has made it easier than ever to get the traders insurance that you need.  Our online motor trade insurance quotes are quick and simple to obtain – just provide a few details to us, and we will shop around and provide you with the best value road risks insurance in the market place.

Take a fresh look at your part time traders insurance with Quote Generator.  Cheap motor trade insurance is in our DNA!

What is Quote Generator?

Quite simply, it’s a website that allows you to get an online insurance quote in double-quick time! Fill in your details, and we’ll give you the best quotes possible. Simple, quick and easy!

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