Traders Combined Insurance

While all motor traders will need road risks insurance to drive vehicles as part of their work, traders combined insurance – offered by Quote Generator – takes motor trade insurance to the next level, offering you the ultimate in insurance protection.

Not all motor traders will need traders combined insurance, but if you operate from business premises – such as a lock-up garage, an MOT centre, or a vehicle dismantling site, for example – then you will need insurance protection for any buildings and contents (including tools and equipment), and also for employees and members of the public who come on-site or you visit in connection with your work.

For this reason, Quote Generator offers a number of different insurance products in one combined policy – hence the name, traders combined insurance.

In addition to road risks insurance, employers’ liability and public liability insurance, there are other motor trade insurance covers available with one renewal date, to make your life simple.

You might consider defective workmanship insurance, for example, to protect you in the event that work you have carried out in good faith goes wrong, in addition to products liability, designed to protect you against a claim if you fit a part to a vehicle correctly that subsequently turns out to be faulty.

There are a host of other specialist insurance covers available to offer protection for you and your motor trade business.  Quote Generator offers loss of MOT licence insurance cover, for example, to provide a safety net for those operating an MOT test centre should an incident occur that might threaten their livelihood.  There’s also business interruption insurance available, to minimise the impact of unforeseen events – such as fire and flooding – on your income levels, while you rebuild or repair damage caused by events outside of your control.

While Quote Generator’s famed road risks insurance quotes are available online straight away, motor traders who work from premises or require dealership insurance, for example, will have a number of different risks to consider.  That is why it is not possible to provide an instant quote for this type of business, as we will need to carefully assess the exact motor trade insurance that you need.  However, Quote Generator can provide a quick indication of the cost of your road risks policy, while our panel of insurers will work hard to offer you the best price for traders combined insurance.

It’s not all about cost – it’s also about service.  Quote Generator has decades of experience in looking after motor traders, so we’ll do the right thing by you.  Don’t shop around looking for cheap traders combined insurance – let us do that for you!  Fill in your details with Quote Generator – the new home of online traders combined insurance – and we’ll search the market on your behalf to get the best value insurance around.


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